Dr. Kleanthous Kosmetik GmbH 


guiding principles

long term orientation

We strongly believe that our long-term business orientation is a major strength that benefits our customers and partners. Whilst we are not averse to reasonable risks, financial prudence and solidity will continue to determine the scope and speed of our strategic development. Close co-operation, alliances and partnerships enable us to better serve our customers and strengthen our competitive position.


We are committed to anticipating, understanding and meeting our customer's needs and expectations. As a diligent supplier of the cosmetic market we provide indispensable support to make our customers successful. We deliver superior value through our presence and our dedication to service and reliability.


Our tradition of innovation and sustainable development benefits our customers. Innovation in everything we do is essential for our long-term financial success. We are leaders in continuous improvement and our culture rewards creativity and initiative by all our associates.


Entrepreneurship is our heritage and the foundation of our success. We continue this tradition through delegated responsibilities. We believe in solid leadership based on personal example, putting trust in people and promoting team spirit.


We reject all forms of discrimination and harassment and show understanding and respect in our dealings with each other. We are committed to provide a multi-cultural environment where associates work together in teams to enrich our corporate culture and capability. We believe in the value of enduring long-lasting personal relationships with customers, suppliers and other partners.


We are committed to protecting the environment and being responsible corporate citizens. We take all possible care to ensure the safety of the workplace and of our products. We strive for the highest standards of personal behaviour, fairness and integrity amongst ourselves, towards our business partners and the general public.