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What really is ultrasound ?

Ultrasound is sound waves that cannot be heard by the human ear. These waves are very high sounds of a range of 20,000 vibrations/sec. (hertz). For many years already practitioners of sports medicine in particular have used the ultrasound as a means of inserting active substances into the skin. The vibration of ultrasound opens the skin up for the smallest molecules. Molecules above a certain molecular weight cannot penetrate into the skin in spite of ultrasound. 

However, for cosmetic purposes ultrasound has only been used since the beginning of the 1990s. Again, it was MD P. Kleanthous who played an avant-garde role. His anti-wrinkle cure makes numerous organic molecules penetrate into the skin within a short time frame by using the ultrasound micro-vibration, which was applied in cosmetics for the first time. Sound waves purify the skin, improving the absorbency of active substances. As a side effect scars are smoothed away, skin impurities are lessened and the blood flow of the tissues is improved

Thanks to KLEANTHOUS ultrasound has become the leading technology in the field of cosmetic applications. What is new and revolutionary at the same time is ultrasound in the form of bio-resonance and spectral light. Due to the highly adjusted ultrasonic frequencies produced by this instrument the efficiency of almost each cosmetic application is improved.