Dr. Kleanthous Kosmetik GmbH 


beauty takes time

There are few things that inspire our inquiring mind as much as the search for the fountain of youth. MD P. Kleanthous has dedicated his whole life to this science and has been successful. On the basis of his knowledge gained from the medical treatment of illnesses due to old age, he developed a rejuvenating treatment for the skin, the 

SkinTone - sono beauty lifting.

For his creation, he made use of the research results of a biologist who discovered in our cells the so-called cell supporting molecules (c.s.m.) which function as information carriers for the regenerative capacity of the organism. Up to the age of about 25 years, our cells contain these cell supporting molecules (c.s.m.) in a sufficient quantity. Their number decreases with increasing age and so does the exchange of information within and among the cells. This exchange of information is eminently important for maintaining the cellular functions and for a balanced cell growth.

KLEANTHOUS principle is based on the continuous improvement of the skin structure by means of cell supporting molecules (c.s.m.). Whether it is a matter of wrinkles, eye bags, tired tissue or even hair loss, cell supporting molecules (c.s.m.) helps revitalize the skin's functions in a durable and reliable way: this is the basis for real anti-aging.